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  Citibank Ballpark, Wednesday, May 14, 2003
Final 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Newark BEARS 0 0 2 0 0 0 0 0 0 2 7 2
Long Island DUCKS 0 1 0 4 0 0 0 0 X 5 6 1
W: C. Weibl, L: S. Gagliano, S: O. Henriquez
Batter AB R H RBI BB SO Avg
Rickey Henderson lf410011.000
Jack Santora 2b400010.000
Tom Hage dh501101.200
Danny Clyburn rf301010.333
Jason Torres c300010.000
Bryan Britt 1b400001.000
Wil Quintana cf301001.333
Pete Maestrales 3b412101.500
Eddy Martinez ss402000.500
Steve Gagliano p000000.000
Tim Keinath p000000.000
Damon Ponce de Leon p000000.000
Alberto Castillo p000000.000
HR: P. Maestrales (Weibl)
RBI: T. Hage, P. Maestrales
2-out RBI: T. Hage
GIDP: T. Hage
Scoring position: 1 for 7
Team LOB: 10
SB: R. Henderson (2nd off Weibl/Pogue); E. Martinez (2nd off Weibl/Pogue)
E: J. Santora, E. Martinez
DP: Maestrales-Santora- Britt (McNamara off Gagliano), Henderson Santora (McNamara off Ponce de Leon)
S. Gagliano (L) 3.165410210.80
T. Keinath 2.20002000.00
D. Ponce de Leon 1.00000000.00
A. Castillo 1.00001100.00
HBP: W. Quintana (by Borbon)
Pitches-strikes: S. Gagliano 64-43; T. Keinath 36-21; D. Ponce de Leon 10-5; A. Castillo 14-7
Ground balls-fly balls: S. Gagliano 6-4; T. Keinath 3-2; D. Ponce de Leon 1-1; A. Castillo 1-1
Batters faced: S. Gagliano 18; T. Keinath 9; D. Ponce de Leon 3; A. Castillo 4
Batter AB R H RBI BB SO Avg
Justin Davies cf400100.000
Rusty McNamara 3b400000.000
Doug Jennings 1b210010.000
Patrick Lennon dh411200.250
Mark Whiten rf300010.000
Derrick Gibson lf322110.667
Jamie Pogue c412001.500
Elvis Pena 2b300000.000
Kevin Baez ss201010.500
Clint Weibl p000000.000
Marc Cerbone p000000.000
Pedro Borbon p000000.000
Oscar Henriquez p000000.000
HR: D. Gibson (Gagliano); P. Lennon (Gagliano)
RBI: J. Davies, P. Lennon 2, D. Gibson
2-out RBI: D. Gibson
GIDP: R. McNamara
Scoring position: 0 for 4
Team LOB: 5
SB: M. Whiten (2nd off Keinath/Torres)
CS: D. Jennings ( 2nd by Keinath/Torres)
E: E. Pena
DP: Jennings Baez (Hage off Cerbone)
C. Weibl (W) 5.04213211.80
M. Cerbone 2.01001100.00
P. Borbon 1.01000100.00
O. Henriquez (S) 1.01000100.00
HBP: D. Jennings (by Gagliano)
Pitches-strikes: C. Weibl 95-58; M. Cerbone 19-12; P. Borbon 17-11; O. Henriquez 14-11
Ground balls-fly balls: C. Weibl 7-6; M. Cerbone 3-3; P. Borbon 1-1; O. Henriquez 0-2
Batters faced: C. Weibl 23; M. Cerbone 7; P. Borbon 5; O. Henriquez 4
Game Stats

Umpires: Trent Delmont, Clark Davis, Harry Fredenburgh
Time: 02:32
Attendance: 5836
Weather: Fair 67F wind 12mph R to L


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