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  Riverfront Stadium, Friday, June 06, 2003
Final 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 R H E
Somerset PATRIOTS 1 0 1 0 4 1 1 1 0 9 11 1
Newark BEARS 0 2 0 2 2 4 0 0 X 10 15 2
W: J. Rodriguez, L: L. Brea, S: M. Barrios
Batter AB R H RBI BB SO Avg
Michael Warner cf511001.271
Eric Martins ss-2b532011.290
Emiliano Escandon 2b301100.311
1-Tony Gsell pr-ss121100.250
Alexander Hernandez lf312220.526
Melvin Nieves rf411411.297
Matt Dryer 1b500001.282
Jeff Nettles 3b501001.316
Luis Lopez dh412010.351
Robinson Cancel c400010.216
Rick Krivda p000000.000
Matthew Schwager p000000.000
Kirk Griffin p000000.000
Lesli Brea p000000.000
1) Ran for Emiliano Escandon in the 5th
2B: E. Martins (Viera); A. Hernandez (Viera); J. Nettles (Viera); L. Lopez (Barrios)
HR: M. Nieves (Hazlett); T. Gsell (Barrios)
RBI: E. Escandon, T. Gsell, A. Hernandez 2, M. Nieves 4
2-out RBI: A. Hernandez, M. Nieves
Scoring position: 4 for 15
Team LOB: 11
SB: M. Warner 2 (2nd off Viera/LaFlair, 2nd off Barrios/LaFlair); A. Hernandez (2nd off Viera/LaFlair); E. Martins (2nd off Viera/LaFlair); R. Cancel (3rd off Barrios/LaFlair)
E: E. Martins
R. Krivda 3.25444414.50
M. Schwager 1.05220003.18
K. Griffin 0.22220105.79
L. Brea (L) 2.23222114.91
WP: M. Schwager
Balk: R. Krivda
HBP: M. Warner (by Viera); T. Gsell (by Rodriguez)
Pitches-strikes: R. Krivda 89-51; M. Schwager 30-18; K. Griffin 11-7; L. Brea 46-27
Ground balls-fly balls: R. Krivda 2-5; M. Schwager 0-3; K. Griffin 0-1; L. Brea 2-3
Batters faced: R. Krivda 21; M. Schwager 8; K. Griffin 4; L. Brea 12
Batter AB R H RBI BB SO Avg
Rickey Henderson lf402010.357
Jack Santora 2b311220.323
Michael Coleman rf512001.333
Danny Clyburn dh502202.305
Francisco LeBron 1b512101.266
Wil Quintana cf522002.278
Pete Maestrales 3b232030.239
Jay LaFlair c411100.205
Eddy Martinez ss511400.228
Rolando Viera p000000.000
Andy Hazlett p000000.000
Juan Rodriguez p000000.000
Manny Barrios p000000.000
2B: R. Henderson (Krivda); D. Clyburn (Schwager); W. Quintana (Griffin); F. LeBron (Brea)
HR: F. LeBron (Krivda); E. Martinez (Brea)
SF: J. LaFlair
RBI: J. Santora 2, D. Clyburn 2, F. LeBron, J. LaFlair, E. Martinez 4
2-out RBI: J. Santora 2, D. Clyburn 2, E. Martinez 4
Scoring position: 5 for 17
Team LOB: 11
SB: R. Henderson (3rd off Schwager/Cancel); J. Santora (2nd off Schwager/Cancel)
CS: M. Coleman ( 2nd by Brea/Cancel)
E: F. LeBron 2
R. Viera 4.06443307.84
A. Hazlett 1.02220012.93
J. Rodriguez (W) 1.01112109.00
M. Barrios (S) 3.02211114.59
WP: J. Rodriguez
Pitches-strikes: R. Viera 82-48; A. Hazlett 17-9; J. Rodriguez 23-9; M. Barrios 54-34
Ground balls-fly balls: R. Viera 5-2; A. Hazlett 1-2; J. Rodriguez 2-0; M. Barrios 5-3
Batters faced: R. Viera 21; A. Hazlett 5; J. Rodriguez 7; M. Barrios 14
Game Stats

Umpires: Trent Delmont, Clark Davis, Harry Fredenburgh
Time: 03:39
Attendance: 2821
Weather: Pt Cld 75F no wind


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