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Supplementary Game Notes

Game 85:  Bridgeport Bluefish @ Newark Bears, Saturday, August 2, 2003

Bottom of the 4th inning:  Danny Clyburn was on first base with no outs.  Pito Ramirez grounded to the shortstop Rodriquez, who threw to second baseman Espada to get the force on Clyburn.  Espada made a wild throw to first base, which ended up out of play, giving Ramirez first base on a fielder's choice (no error is charged because you can't assume a double play).  However, Ramirez was not awarded second base, which according to Rule 7.05(g) he should have been. (In fact, we observed first base coach Hector Tatis motion to first base umpire Ken Starkey that Ramirez should go to second, but Starkey made a motion to indicate that he would not.)  We have not been able to find any exceptions in the rule book to explain this.

Click here to read the rule governing base advances on wild throws by infielders.

Click here to read the rule stating that an error is not to be charged on a wild throw made in attempting to complete a double play.

NoteThe PDF version of the box score reflects only one passed ball by Kyle Perry, and the HTML version omits both passed balls.  In fact there were two:  one in the top of the 6th inning, which allowed Jose Amado to score, and one in the top of the 8th inning, which allowed Rolo Avila to advance from first base to second base.  We are working with the software vendor to correct the problem.


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