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Supplementary Game Notes

Game 100:  Camden Riversharks @ Newark Bears, Tuesday, August 19, 2003


Bottom of the 2nd inning:  With the bases loaded, Koby Perez hit a blooper to shallow center field, which dropped in front of the fielder.  Eddy Martinez, who was on first base and was advancing cautiously in case the ball was caught, was forced out at second, 8-6.  Even though Perez easily was at first base long before a throw could have put him out, this was scored a fielder's choice for Perez rather than a hit.  This is because Rule 10.06(a) states that "a base hit shall not be scored... when a runner is forced out by a batted ball, or would have been forced out except for a fielding error."  While the word of the rule book is clear, we nonetheless feel the end result in this case was unfair to Koby Perez, who, had nobody been on first base, would have earned a base hit.  This is exactly what happened back in game 73, except it was Eddie Lara who was the hitter then.

Baseball rule lesson of the day Click here to read rules (10.05 and 10.06) on the scoring of base hits.

Top of the 6th inning:  Temper, temper!  Dwight Maness was ejected from the game after making the third out by taking a called third strike.  He slammed his helmet on the ground, prompting home plate umpire David Mills to throw him out of the game.  Isaias Nuñez took over in right field.


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