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Supplementary Game Notes

Game 116:  Somerset Patriots @ Newark Bears, Wednesday, September 3, 2003, GAME 2

Note:  This was a 7-inning gameIn the Atlantic League, doubleheader games are 7 innings.

NoteOur box score and the resulting statistics differ from the official Atlantic League's in one important respect:  According to the League's box score, Patriots starting pitcher Jason Dickson was charged with three earned runs, and reliever Mike Oquist was charged with one.  However, careful examination of the scorecard and play-by-play* for the bottom of the sixth inning (when all the Bears runs were scored) shows that the runs scored by Mike Piercy and Wil Quintana should be charged to Dickson, but the runs scored by Danny Clyburn and Hipolito Martinez should have been charged to Oquist.  This is because Clyburn and Martinez reached base while Oquist was pitching.   Therefore, Dickson's ERA will be recorded as higher than it should be (3.73 instead of 3.66) and Oquist's lower (4.02 instead of 4.15).  Our calculations are as follows:


Earned Runs Innings Pitched Computation Result

League's record for Dickson

55 132 2/3 55 x 9 132 2/3 3.73

Newark Bears Fan's record for Dickson

54 132 2/3 54 x 9 132 2/3 3.66
League's record for Oquist 29 65 29 x 9 65 4.02
Newark Bears Fan's record for Oquist 30 65 30 x 9 65 4.15

Click here to see the proper way to compute an ERA

* We reconciled our play-by-play to the League's play-by-play, and there are no differences.


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