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Pictures From Game 126, Sunday, September 14, 2003

Pennsylvania Road Warriors @ Newark Bears



The umpires and coaches exchanging lineups before the game.

(Luis Garcia, Hector Tatis, Josť Flores, Juan Puntiel, and David Mills)

Paul Esposito as catcher...

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... and pitcher...

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...and of course, hitter!
Atlantic League Photo website photographer Colin at work.

(Top:  Shhh!  Be vewwy, vewwy quiet!  Bottom:  Capturing a Road Warrior at work.)

Check out Colin's page!

Various Bears watching Paul Esposito wear himself out.  Hey, there's that photographer again!
A nice crowd in the stands for closing day.
The Road Warriors posing before their last game... ever!

Below:  the team getting into position, then falling down afterward!

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Every Sunday is Autograph Day at The Den!
Haven't we seen Garcelle and Tyrone before?  Yes, we have!
Here's Marc the Yo-yo guy, selling the World's Easiest YoYo on the concourse.

Wanna buy a yo-yo?

What would a Bears game be without a hot dog race?




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