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Newark Bears News is an independent website devoted to covering news about the Newark Bears.  It is not a website of the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Club, the Newark Bears Fan Club, or the Atlantic League of Professional Baseball, nor is it sponsored, supported, or endorsed by them in any way. All information contained on this website, except for the league standings, is owned and copyrighted by the website operators and any opinions expressed are their own. In particular, the scorecards, box scores, and game reports are the result of our own scorekeeping at the games and do not necessarily match the official records of the Atlantic League (you can see the official 2003 Bears box scores here, but youíll see that ours, while unofficial, contain more detail).

Your use of www.NewarkBearsNews.com is governed by our Terms Of Use and photo policy.

Newark Bears News was originally known as Newark Bears Fan.  Throughout the site, references to Newark Bears Fan should be construed as meaning Newark Bears News.  Over time we will update these references.

We keep score at most of the Bears games we go to -- but we do not go to every one, much as weíd like to! All the games we attend have at least a scorecard, box score, and game report, and some may have additional information. Games we missed will not have this information. We have listed the entire schedule for completenessí sake.

ScorePAD users click here for information about downloading game files

Scorecards, game reports, and play-by-play reports are in PDF format, for which you need Acrobat Reader from Adobe. If you donít already have Acrobat Reader, click here to get it (itís free!).

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www.NewarkBearsNews.com is not affiliated with the Newark Bears Professional Baseball Club, Inc. or the Newark Bears Fan Club.

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