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Baseball In Newark (2003)

Robert L. Cvonyek

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This just-published book, Baseball in Newark by Robert L. Cvornyek, was brought to our attention by Jane Jubilee of www.BrickCityBruins.com and features the photographs of a number of our local photographers, including Colin Burke (www.atlanticleaguephoto.com), Kyle Burke, Bill Lenahan, and Gordon Forsyth.

Lavishly illustrated with historical and more recent black and white photographs -- including some from the Bears’ 2003 season -- the book is a must-read for Bears fans. Cvornyek summarizes the history of baseball in the Brick City, from before the Civil War through January 12, 1950, when the Yankees sold the Bears franchise to the Chicago Cubs, who moved the team to Massachusetts; and then from 1999, when Rick Cerone brought baseball back to Newark.

Cvornyek raided the archives of, among others, the Newark Public Library and the New Jersey Historical Society, for a remarkable series of pictures illustrating the players of Newark’s teams throughout the years. Although the text is minimal, the photographs are accompanied by extensive captions. Baseball fans of all persuasions will recognize some of the great players who passed through Newark on their way to the major leagues. Among the most beloved of these is Yogi Berra, who played with the Bears in 1946. More recent “graduates” of the Newark Bears include Jose Canseco and Rickey Henderson.

Of special note are the group and individual photos of the 1937 Bears, considered by many the greatest minor-league team in history, and the 1946 Negro World Series Champion Eagles.

Despite some sloppy editing (spelling Rickey Henderson’s name wrong, for heaven’s sake!), the book is a treasure for Newark baseball fans, and, in fact, for all lovers of baseball. The author, Robert Cvornyek, is an associate professor of history and labor studies at Rhode Island College, and a member of the Society for American Baseball Research. The book boasts an introduction by Rick Cerone.

Physically, the book is beautiful: nicely laid out, with clear, readable type and a quality paper cover. The photographs have been reproduced with care.

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Baseball in Newark

Written by Robert L. Cvornyek.

Published October 2003 by Arcadia Publishing

ISBN: 0738513261

Not printed on acid-free paper




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