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When You Come To A Fork In The Road, Take It! Inspiration and Wisdom from One of Baseball's

Greatest Heroes  (2001)

Yogi Berra

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It would be easy, and true, to call this book by Yogi Berra (with Dave Kaplan) "a charming little book." But it would also do a disservice to what is actually an important book.

Yogi (we hope he will forgive the informality) has selected some of his more famous sayings for you to enjoy. Even if you have heard them before, they will fill you with delight. One of our favorites is, "If people don't want to come out to the park, nobody's going to stop them."

In this book, Yogi expands on his aphorisms with humor and humility. In so doing, he provides fascinating glimpses into the history of baseball from the 1930's, when he and Joe Garagiola were playing ball "in the streets and sandlots" of St. Louis, right up through the present era. Some of his stories are priceless. We will not tell you any of them -- that would deprive you of the joy of reading them for yourself.

Sometimes what Yogi says may seem obvious, and you can certainly enjoy this book on a purely surface level. But when you read between the lines, a picture emerges of a man who, whatever his limitations of formal education, is one of the wisest among us. The phrase "a decent man" is widely overused, but as you read this book you come to know one of the nicest guys who ever played the game of baseball. It becomes obvious that the man simply does not have a mean bone in his body, because despite his total honesty, he just cannot get out a nasty word. Even his very few negative remarks about fellow players, and some of the others he has run into throughout a long and illustrious career, are phrased in a gentle, gentlemanly manner.

If you need a feel-good read, this is your book. If you want some personal insights into some of the most famous players of all time, from Joe DiMaggio to Derek Jeter, this is your book. Treat yourself to reading this book. You will enjoy it.


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When You Come to a Fork in the Road, Take It!

Written by Yogi Berra

Published 2001 by Hyperion Press

ISBN: 0-786-86775-2

Not printed on acid-free paper




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