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September 6, 2003:  Still need to be convinced to buy Bears season tickets?  Only season ticket holders get perks like this -- getting invited to take batting practice on the field at The Den!  Newark Bears Fan was among about 150 season ticket holders to show up today at the stadium to take some cuts at pitches thrown by the Bears' front office staff.  (OK, it would have been nice to be pitched to by the pitching staff, or at least the coaching staff, but we still had fun.)  They opened the stadium before 10:00, and while groups of ten people queued up to take their whacks, others hung out in the outfield to catch the batted balls.  Some of us opted for the dugout, which was shady and cool.  The weather was perfect, and Bill Madlock was on hand to greet the faithful.  As the event wore on, we spotted Wil Quintana and Tommy Parks chatting with participants.  Also available were stadium tours and refreshments.

At the risk of severe embarrassment, we at Newark Bears Fan allowed ourselves to be photographed showing our hitting "skills," and here are the results.  You be the judge....

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Keep your eye on the ball...


Newark Bears Fan giving Bill Madlock some tips on hitting.

Ouch!  This is why we run a website and leave the baseball to others.


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