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Photo Policy


The photographs on www.NewarkBearsNews.com are digital pictures taken specifically to appear on the website.  We do not take commissions or orders for pictures.  The pictures are not for sale.  In addition, they are copyrighted and may not be reproduced, electronically or in any other format, without our written permission, nor may they be used for commercial purposes under any circumstances.

If you are the subject of a photo (that is, you are in the picture), we will be happy to e-mail you a jpeg (.jpg), which is a digital version of the photo viewable on a computer, for your personal use only.  This does not apply if you are incidental to the photograph (such as when you are in the stands and a photo is taken of the action on the field and you are in the background).

If we take your picture for the website and you are not a public personage, we will ask you to sign a release form giving us permission to copyright the photo and to use it.  We will not post a picture of you if you do not sign the release.

We find that the digital photographs do not print well, and we therefore cannot make them available in printed form.

This policy was last updated on August 30, 2004.


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