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Reverse Force Double Play


The Major League Official Baseball Rules, followed by the Atlantic League, states the following in Rule 2.00:


Rule 2.00 Definitions of Terms


A reverse force double play is one in which the first out is a force play and the second out is made on a runner for whom the force is removed by reason of the first out. Examples of reverse force plays: runner on first, one out; batter grounds to first baseman, who steps on first base (one out) and throws to second baseman or shortstop for the second out (a tag play). Another example: bases loaded, none out; batter grounds to third baseman, who steps on third base (one out); then throws to catcher for the second out (tag play).


This definition is cited in the notes to games 74 and 77 of the 2003 season.


These rules are quoted directly from the Major League Official Baseball Rules, which “govern the playing of baseball games by professional teams of the American League of Professional Baseball Clubs, the National League of Professional Baseball Clubs, and the leagues which are members of the National Association of Professional Baseball Leagues."




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